Succinic Acid


Succinic acid that also goes by the name Amber acid is a natural antibiotic that has been in use for quite a long time to cure many kinds of ailment. This acid is purely derived from animal and plant tissues hence its natural status. Succinic acid has been used as a curative measure for quite a while in fact it counts as among the ancient antibiotics that have been proven effective in the modern science. The Europeans can tell of its effectiveness since they were the first to discover succinic acid with its power to relieve pain before the discovery of other antibiotics. The acid has been used to make Natural Baltic Amber, which contains approximately 8% of succinic acid of weight.

Succinic acid has been of great importance in the body since it plays numerous roles. First, it acts as a bridge in the body’s metabolic process and is known to boost the immune system. Cases of energy loss are well solved since it is a booster of energy and it is good at reducing stress hence bringing calm to the brain and body. It is also used to reduce fever and can be used as a disinfectant in case of a wound because it fastens the healing process.

Popular Uses For The Succinic Acid

Baltic Amber products as stated earlier all have succinic acid that clearly implies the effectiveness of amber teething necklaces. For quite a while, mothers have used these necklaces on their children especially during the teething stage since they are always prone to fever and discomfort. Amber necklaces are made with caution and are safe to be worn by even toddlers.

They are designed in tiny chipped beads and are safe should children pull them out and chew, meaning they are cannot at any time choke in case of swallowing. Apart from necklaces, amber bracelets can also be used to serve similar purposes.

Uses of Amber:

Amber was also used to make medicine traditionally and the same as today. Medicine made of amber was either in powder form, in stone like form or in chips. It was also possible to extract oil from amber, which was smeared on the body to relieve any form of pain. The aged also used the oil to slow aging. Today, the modern physicians use amber oil while carrying out therapies.

Amber tinctures were made from beer, water and wine to heal stomachaches. Amber oils and chipped particles while burnt were used to act as repellents to insects, flies and mosquitoes. Amber is good at fighting toxins in the body and in case of hangover; they restore the lost energy. Infectious diseases have no chance in the body as long as one administers amber with correct measures.

Succinic acid has generally been accepted and so are all products containing it. It has been used for commercial purposes and has also been authorized to make medicine. The fact that succinic acid is cheap makes its products affordable the reason many access them at ease. It has been easy connecting to Amber products and cures since they are widely available via online and eventually ensure a healthy living.