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How To Choose A Psychologist For Mental Health Problem

It takes more than physical health to lead a happy life. A healthy mind in a healthy body is equally important. However, anxiety, stress, depression and some of life’s nuances can take a heavy toll on your subliminal and in such cases it not only helps to have a caring buddy but a knowledgeable one. Psychologists are exactly that. Your listening, caring friend with a wealth of knowledge and experience in evaluating and assessing mental health problems. Finding the right psychologist in Los Angeles can prove to be a hustle but here are a few guidelines.

Recommendations and referrals

Before you begin scouring the internet for a therapist, consult with your family, friends, doctors or local health professionals who could refer you to the right psychologist. Most states have community mental health centers which you could contact or you could inquire from churches, universities or visit professional bodies like the Los Angeles County Psychologist Association which have listings of licensed psychologist based in L.A.

Expertise and experience

Psychologists have specializations in different areas including but not limited to forensics, counseling, education, health and exercise. In their line of experience, some psychologist may branch out into particular niches. It is therefore important to find out if both the therapists experience and expertise match up to what you are looking for. If you are a rehabilitating criminal for example a forensic psychologist may be more effective while a troubled teen may be better off with a counseling therapist experienced in dealing with teens.


Insurance and fees

It is important to find out the amount of fees charged per session beforehand to ensure you budget for it accordingly depending on your insurance policy or personal finances. Cross check your insurance policy to make sure it covers mental health problems and the provider you choose to work with.


Once credentials and competence have been established, connection is the next important thing. A good bond and rapport between you and your psychologist is important in order for treatment to work. Interview several therapists to evaluate your level of personal comfort with each one and make a judgment call as to who is the perfect match.

Hopefully, this guide will help you sift through the maze of complicated titles, names and sometimes arduous task of finding a psychologist in Los Angeles. Look out for credentials, competence, and connections, exercise patience and you will soon find the right psychologist.