How to Avoid Stress

How to Avoid Stress – Some Tips and Tricks

Let’s face it – there’s no way to avoid every stressful situation in life. It’s just part of living. But, stress can have devastating physical and mental consequences, so it’s vitally important to reduce stress in the areas that you can. If you are experiencing excessive stress or anxiety, talk to your doctor. In this article, I’ll share the tips and tricks I use to avoid stress.


Clinical research has proven that a cluttered environment increases your stress levels. This is true even for very young children. Clutter is mentally distracting, decreasing focus and productivity, which further contributes to stress. Being unable to find an item is frustrating and a time waster. Avoid stress by getting organized and ridding your space of clutter.

  • Don’t add to your stress by trying to do it all at once. Take one afternoon a week and tackle one area of your home.
  • As you sort and organize areas, get rid of items that you don’t really need or use. Donate the items, or have a yard sale.
  • Keep all important paperwork in one place, sorted by relevance.
  • Invest 20 minutes a day in maintenance – putting things away, clearing counters or tidying up.


We are a sleep-deprived society. You’ve seen the TV ads for energy drinks featuring dragging and disheveled people. More caffeine is not the answer. Sleep is the time our brains and bodies enter recovery and repair mode. To avoid stress, ensuring that we get the right quantity and quality of sleep is key. If you are having problem for sleeping the best idea is to ask a doctor for any solution.

  • Stick to a regular sleep schedule. Go to bed and get up at the same time every day. Eight hours is minimal.
  • Have a night-time routine to wind down from the day. Read a good book, take a hot bath or any other relaxing activity.

Give up Multi-tasking

Let me just say this: multi-tasking is a myth. No matter how many things we try to do at once, our focus will always be centered on one task more than another. Once I got this revelation, I left my failed attempts at multi-tasking behind.

  • Prioritize your day by picking the top three priority tasks on your list. Focus on one task at a time.
  • Avoid distractions when possible. Turn off the TV or radio so that your brain isn’t getting extra stimulation.
  • Avoid the temptation to check your inbox throughout the day. Schedule a couple of times a day when you check and respond to any messages. Adjust the settings to alert you to any priority messages.

Seek Joy

People who stay in a positive frame of mind and take the time to find enjoyment in life are healthier, and more productive in all areas of their life. Don’t allow yourself to dwell on the negative aspects of life – always look for and expect good.

  • Turn off the news shows. Yes, we need to be socially informed, but most of it is negative and out of your control.
  • Participate in activities you enjoy. Gardening, running, crafts – whatever you find enjoyable.
  • Laugh! Watch a comedy flick or spend some time playing with children.

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